Leslie & Craig

Craig and Leslie have been good friends of ours for a couple of years now - can't believe it's been that long! They moved to Columbus and came to our church not too long after we did, and we've enjoyed being in a small group together for a while now.

They are expecting their first baby - a boy - in just a few short weeks, and I was honored to get to do some maternity photos for them! Les has been quite crafty in preparing their nursery and had some great stuff that she had created with Baby Boy's name - but I've been sworn to secrecy! :) So here are a few shots with just the belly!

(B is for Blair...!)

Doesn't she look beautiful?!

Thanks for letting me capture this moment in your lives. We are so excited to meet your baby boy! Love y'all!



Leslie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! THOSE ARE AMAZING!!! Em, you are so talented. Thank you for making this a special memory for Craig and I. We had so much fun on the shoot! Love you girl!

Jenny Erb said...

Les you look SO beautiful!! And Em I thought of you today–if you drive OUT of Woodland Farms (the neighborhood near the church), it looks like a piece of Carmel or somewhere fancy: cute white picket fences, beautiful trees, and a slight hill. Check it out for shooting potential.

Jenny Erb said...
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