we just got back from a whirlwind weekend trip to savannah... sanders, my brother, is moving to france in a few days. he'll be gone almost a year, so we wanted to see him before he went... i'm still crossing my fingers that we'll somehow find a way to go see him in rennes too! :)

the other reason for our trip was that my childhood dog, bessie (aka bestie-beastie or bestie-beesting or elizabeth - her formal name), isn't doing so well. she is about 15 years old and has "arf-ritis" and doggie alzheimer's (or so we think). i was happy to get to see her and took tons of pictures of all of the animals (the only one missing here is midnight...she's a little shy in front of the camera). here are a few favorites...

skinflint, sanders's cat

sweet bessie



charlie with three legs

max (aka professor edison, maxter, maximus)


and a couple more of bessie, with a typical expression on her face...


miller wedding

well, i shot my first official wedding (and by official i mean that i was not a bridesmaid or friend of the bride just taking photos for fun) in june, and after a month of editing and re-editing and then re-editing some more, i'm ready to post a few...

I'll hopefully get them up on my flickr page this week... life is too busy!