David & Kate + 2...

I was in David and Kate's wedding back in 2004, and I can hardly believe we've known each other over 10 years and that between our two families, we have three children now! Gone are the late nights at Cafe Intermezzo in ATL; nowadays, we're more likely to order in and hang out at one of our houses so we can get the kids in bed on time!
Ha, times have changed.

For the first several years of Bobby's and my marriage, David and Kate lived in Florida - so he didn't really get much of a chance to get to know them. But when Kate's job moved them to Indy, we were so excited that the four of us would finally be able to spend time together! The last time they came down to Columbus for a visit, we worked in some time for a mini-photo shoot. Miss Reagan is just over two, so she's not a big fan of sitting still. She kept me running around, and we certainly had some fun. :) Harrison was born in April and is the sweetest baby boy and very laid back!
I think their children are about as adorable as they come!

Here's a sneak peak... Kate, I have a CD for you with many more! :)

Love you guys - and hope you love these photos of your beautiful family!

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