textures (and kitties!)

we have some kittens who have somehow very firmly established themselves as residents in our home... we are hoping to find permanent homes for two of them soon, so if you know of anyone who might want a new friend..... they're extremely cuddly and cute (in fact, one of them is curled up in my lap as i type this!). a boy and a girl - both of whom would love to stay together. just let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be (please!) -- em.mcwilliams@gmail.com

a few of the kitties...

in other news, life is incredibly busy. my parents were visiting a couple of weekends back, and we walked around downtown. here are some images i got in the parking garage... love all the texture!

and one of avery (in laundry jail)...

that's all for now... off to bed...


harper - miller wedding

i am being told by my husband that it's time for bed, but i wanted to get a brief post up with a couple of pictures from tiffany and shawn miller's wedding... this is just a tease, more to come tomorrow, i promise!

g'night!! :)