My mom sent me the link to another blog that was very encouraging to me, so I thought I'd share it here too...

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wow, i can't believe it's already been over a month since i posted anything on here! the short version of what's happened since then:

1. we found a home for two of the kittens and said goodbye to Guiness and Samuel... they got to stay together, so that was awesome.

2. Lucca found his permanent home with us, and he and Avery are enjoying being spoiled rotten by the two of us... they never dreamed of a life this great.

3. i got really sick and missed several days of work. no fun. :(

4. we went to texas for thanksgiving and bobby killed a hog, and then they (the men) buried it in the ground because it wouldn't have tasted good (nor would i have cooked it, but that's another story). my sis in law, joanne, and i got up at 4:30 am and went shopping on black friday... we had a ton of fun and i bought rugs for the house - a very good thing, except we need one more, and i can't find the same pattern anywhere.

5. we bought a new (to us) car from bobby's grandmother... very exciting!

6. i threw a bridal shower last saturday for jenni, my friend in columbus who is getting married to our other friend, derek, in madison, wi on january 4. we're going and i'm super excited! she's wearing my veil as her "something borrowed"! :)

7. i then drove to atlanta to see sara, one of my roommates in college and one of my best friends...and drove back the next morning. i figure my crazy days will come to an end in the next few years, so why not be crazy now?! we had a blast seeing each other, even if it was brief.

and that brings us to today... surely we've done more than that since october. seems like more than that has happened, but i'm blanking on it now. oh well.

time flies... it will be christmas before we know it. i've hardly started christmas shopping. lots to do in between now and then, and lots of other stuff going on in our lives...but i'm really looking forward to going home and seeing my family.

a few pictures from thanksgiving and then i'm off ... bobby's making dinner for me and my belly's growling!

more later....


textures (and kitties!)

we have some kittens who have somehow very firmly established themselves as residents in our home... we are hoping to find permanent homes for two of them soon, so if you know of anyone who might want a new friend..... they're extremely cuddly and cute (in fact, one of them is curled up in my lap as i type this!). a boy and a girl - both of whom would love to stay together. just let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be (please!) -- em.mcwilliams@gmail.com

a few of the kitties...

in other news, life is incredibly busy. my parents were visiting a couple of weekends back, and we walked around downtown. here are some images i got in the parking garage... love all the texture!

and one of avery (in laundry jail)...

that's all for now... off to bed...


harper - miller wedding

i am being told by my husband that it's time for bed, but i wanted to get a brief post up with a couple of pictures from tiffany and shawn miller's wedding... this is just a tease, more to come tomorrow, i promise!

g'night!! :)



i am so very excited about fall this year... not sure why, but every day that is cool and just a little bit crisp, i just get more and more excited! i can't wait for the leaves to change - and this will be the first fall we've lived in our house, so it'll be fun to see all the changes in our garden. i love the warm days and cool nights...we've slept with the windows open for weeks now, which is awesome (and cheaper than AC)!

all that to say - i am looking forward to apple cider and pumpkin patches, etc. etc. there is so much to do in indiana in the fall, so many festivals and cool things going on. last weekend, a small fraction of our not-so-small group remedy went to appleworks, an apple orchard in the middle of nowhere indiana. we got lost on the way there, but we found it, thanks to the awesome map-reading skills of angel and l'erin!

here are some pictures of our sunday afternoon...

and my favorite of the day....



we just got back from a whirlwind weekend trip to savannah... sanders, my brother, is moving to france in a few days. he'll be gone almost a year, so we wanted to see him before he went... i'm still crossing my fingers that we'll somehow find a way to go see him in rennes too! :)

the other reason for our trip was that my childhood dog, bessie (aka bestie-beastie or bestie-beesting or elizabeth - her formal name), isn't doing so well. she is about 15 years old and has "arf-ritis" and doggie alzheimer's (or so we think). i was happy to get to see her and took tons of pictures of all of the animals (the only one missing here is midnight...she's a little shy in front of the camera). here are a few favorites...

skinflint, sanders's cat

sweet bessie



charlie with three legs

max (aka professor edison, maxter, maximus)


and a couple more of bessie, with a typical expression on her face...


miller wedding

well, i shot my first official wedding (and by official i mean that i was not a bridesmaid or friend of the bride just taking photos for fun) in june, and after a month of editing and re-editing and then re-editing some more, i'm ready to post a few...

I'll hopefully get them up on my flickr page this week... life is too busy!