i am so very excited about fall this year... not sure why, but every day that is cool and just a little bit crisp, i just get more and more excited! i can't wait for the leaves to change - and this will be the first fall we've lived in our house, so it'll be fun to see all the changes in our garden. i love the warm days and cool nights...we've slept with the windows open for weeks now, which is awesome (and cheaper than AC)!

all that to say - i am looking forward to apple cider and pumpkin patches, etc. etc. there is so much to do in indiana in the fall, so many festivals and cool things going on. last weekend, a small fraction of our not-so-small group remedy went to appleworks, an apple orchard in the middle of nowhere indiana. we got lost on the way there, but we found it, thanks to the awesome map-reading skills of angel and l'erin!

here are some pictures of our sunday afternoon...

and my favorite of the day....

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