Danny & Kim + 5 :)

Hello again! I'm back to give the Houze family a little preview of the session we did just before Christmas. They have been waiting so patiently to see these, and I hope they love what they see.

Danny is the pastor of our church, and he and his wife, Kim, are also dear friends of ours. They have cared for us in more ways than I could list, but suffice it to say we consider them family. I was thrilled to get to take some photos of them with their oldest son, Jared, his wife, Ericka, and their three adorable kiddos. Their younger son, Jake, hadn't made it to town for the holidays before I headed to Georgia with my family, so we had to leave him out. Sorry Jake - we'll try to get you in next time! :)







I think she might be excited to have a granddaughter... maybe!

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