Playing Catch Up!

It's been a wonderful and BUSY summer. Bobby has been working hard on his classes for his MBA, and Nola and I have been working hard on some projects around the house and taking lots of photos! I haven't updated the old blog too frequently, but I've had opportunity to get some great shots and spend time with some fun (and beautiful!) people.

Here are a few collages of shoots I did this summer ...

 Some graduation pictures of Jordan. Can't believe he's in college!

Aurora's first birthday and family pictures for the Seases - such a gorgeous family!

Some family photos of the Turners. I could NOT get over this little guy's rolls. He is too precious, and his parents are so sweet as well!

There are more on the way... a first birthday party, a wedding, and some more maternity photos. PLUS - mini-shoots are just a couple weeks away, and I've got a couple shoots in between now and then! I'm a busy girl these days, and I'm editing up a storm (I'm surprised my computer hasn't started smoking). Check back soon for more images.

I have just a couple slots left in my mini-shoot coming up in a few weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some gorgeous fall weather and colorful leaves. Let me know if you'd like to take one of the slots I still have left or if you'd like to schedule a full shoot sometime before we head into cold weather! :) Hope to hear from you soon!


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