Kate and Carey + 1!

First off, about us.... We are in the hospital with Nola again - by now anyone who reads this blog has probably seen it on facebook or heard through the grapevine! But she somehow contracted a bacterial infection that got around her immune system and into her blood stream. Poor babe has been poked and prodded way too many times... she's on her third IV of the week and we're praying it stays in as long as possible to prevent any more needle sticks of her tiny little veins. She has several days left of a 10 day course of IV antibiotics, so we'll be spending the majority of next week at Columbus Regional on the peds hall. The nurses are great and we've been showered with more love and care (and goodies!) than we know what to do with... pretty sure I'm going to gain ten pounds from all the delicious snacks that keep being delivered (that combined with the fact that I'm confined with her to a tiny hall and hospital room, so not much exercise is happening!). Anyway, things are as good as could be expected, and we're just thankful that the she manifested symptoms so early in the infection. We caught it early and now just to have to make sure it's completely out of her system before we can go home. So that's what's going on with us... I'm emailing out updates every few days (as we have anything to share) so let me know if you'd like to be on that list!

On a happier note -- I have new images to share!

Carey and Kate are some good friends of ours from church, and they sweetly asked if I'd take some photographs of them and their precious daughter, Charlotte! Charlotte and Nola are buddies in the nursery, and Nola has been pointing at the screen when she's seen me editing these pictures! Without further ado, meet this adorable family of three!

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