Update on Nola - 10/15

Just a quick update in between feedings...

Nola gained 2.3 ounces on Wednesday (GREAT), and then lost about 1/2 an ounce on Thursday (okay). However, on Thursday, we stopped doing supplemental feedings through her feeding tube (feeding her an additional 20 cc's of milk after she nursed) and exclusively nursed - so losing 15 grams isn't too bad.

She had three of her blood-oxygen desaturation episodes between midnight and 8am this morning (she had only had one in the previous 24 hours). We haven't talked to the doctor yet today, so not sure what his take is on that.

Overall, she's doing better. I had hoped that we might get to move to the next stage in the going-home process today, but it's not looking too promising. That's okay though - I know the Lord has the perfect timing for when we get to go home together, and I'm happy to wait on that.

Other than that, nothing to really report. My mom is headed back to Columbus today, so would appreciate prayers for her safe travel. It'll be great to have "Gran" back with us, and I know our poor cats will be happy to have some company at home again - though I'm sure the Burkes (especially Hannah) have been spending lots of time cuddling with them. haha :)

Thanks for the continued prayers and support... Off to feed my baby girl! :)

-Bobby and Emmeline

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