spring flowers and michelle's wedding

well, i've not been a very good blogger, have i? that said, it has been a very busy several months!

i got a new job at our church - & i love it! i can wear jeans every day (or sweat pants), work from home some days, i rarely have to be up before 8am or so, and i actually have the energy (sometimes) to make dinner at the end of the day!

spring has sprung here in columbus. it's a beautiful sunny friday, and our garden is beginning to bloom! the vegetable garden seedlings are doing well (though it's still not warm enough to be put in the ground outside)! bobby has started or will be starting from seed: morning glories, red and yellow bell peppers, parsley, basil, swiss chard (that will have gorgeous pink and orange stems - can't wait!), tomatoes - roma and candy cherry, onions, marigolds, green beans, mixed lettuces, corn, and a few other things too! he built a gorgerous raised bed out of field stone right next to our kitchen, and i can't wait to start actually planting stuff in it!

here's a few pictures of the flowers coming up.... the larger landscape is from someone's house just down the street -- they have great landscaping!

in other news, bobby's sister, michelle, married her boyfriend, bolivar (he's from ecuador) earlier this month. i only took a few photos as i was busy most of the day, but here are a few getting ready and detail shots:

the beautiful bride (left) before the transformation!

shoes and earrings

antique family necklace

and the dress:

i wish (as i always do) that i'd taken some shots at the wedding! oh well! here's the link to the photographer's site for a slideshow. it was a beautiful wedding, and we had a lot of fun seeing all of the family!

that's about it for now! check back in a few weeks for another update -- i promise to come back! :)

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