caden has settled in and we are now a family of five! (yes, i count the pets. maybe once we have children, i'll stop. maybe.) the cats are not totally opposed to him, but they are not buddies yet. he doesn't seem to understand how much bigger he is, and especially how much bigger his paws are.... he smacked avery, trying to get her to play... she didn't like it. luca had his little "field trip" this week. if you don't know what i'm talking about, i'll leave it to your imagination, except to say this: he isn't so interested in looking for a lady friend anymore! no more howling at night, yay! so we're a zoo, but it's fun... caden is bobby's shadow and much prefers him to me, but the cats prefer me, so that's okay. :)

various people have been telling me to post new photos, and i have to admit i'm amazed at how much he's already grown. he isn't a big fan of the camera (i.e. thinks it's a really bright monster) and tries to get in my lap the whole time i try to take shots of him. alas, i only grabbed a few before i gave up. i need to try outside, now that the weather is warmer.

our garden is definitely coming in now. we've already had crocuses come and go, and the daffodils started blooming yesterday. i noticed that the hostas are coming back and the tulips have buds already. i think my lily of the valley is coming up too, but i'm not sure if it's that or something else. never can tell in our yard. we've been working like crazy trying to get things in order (first removing the leaves we never raked last fall), and we're probably behind, but it's pretty anyway! the plan is to do some work tomorrow and maybe i'll do some before and after shots.

that's about all the news i've got... not doing as much photo stuff as i'd like, but i do have a few jobs in the works, and several weddings through the summer and fall. three i'm doing with a good friend, and then i'm actually shooting her wedding, which i'm super excited about!

bobby's dad and two sisters came to visit in early march, which was really fun. we finally were able to set up the guest bedroom, and we did some fun stuff together. i also did some shots of the girls for Grandma Mac, and i promise to post those in the next few days...

feel free to comment -- i love comments, because then i don't feel like i'm talking to myself (which maybe i am, aside from my mom). :)


bryan said...

Hi Emmeline!!!!
Love, Mom

Anne Almasy said...

Your puppy is SO adorable!!! He looks so fuzzy and huggable! How much of your stuff has he torn up so far? ;)

Emmeline McWilliams said...

thanks mom....

thanks anne! he is very huggable and LOVES to give kisses (and sometimes nibble on ears) :) he's only torn up two socks (both bobby's), one bath mat, and two cat toys! he's a very good pup. :)