a winter wedding, etc.

hello! we are back home after a very nice christmas holiday... we went to atlanta for christmas at mammy's house (my grandmother) and then to savannah for a few days with my parents (where it was 80 and sunny!), back to atlanta, back to columbus for one night, and then to madison, wi to see our friends derek and jenni get married! it was a beautiful wedding and we're so happy for them! it is nice to be home again after such a whirlwind couple of weeks, though.
the happy couple pre-wedding, at the rehearsal dessert:

and at the wedding, ready to party!

i snagged a few shots (well, a lot of shots) at the reception. it was held at the madison club in downtown madison, which was a beautiful venue. here is a sampling - the rest are on facebook.

bobby and the groom.

me and the beautiful bride.

and for your viewing pleasure, may i introduce luca, the squeaking cat, and avery, his silent but trusty sidekick:

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